Detect and fix Ceiling leak repair yourself

Detect and fix Ceiling leak repair yourself

If you have a leakage in your ceiling, then repairing it should be your priority. And besides repairing, finding the reason behind it is also significant. It can be because of low maintenance or improperly installed roof. Simply patching a leak is not enough; ceiling leak repair requests the help of a professional,and doing it yourself may lead to unfortunate outcomes. There are several home repairs that can be put off for a while but ceiling leak is definitely not one of them, by not taking care of it you are putting your home at risk, so better late than never.

 Detect the exact location of leak

You can also see for coffee colored stains in the wall, and then can put a bucket or a container underneath to catch the water that is coming out from the leak. Puncture the ceiling with a screwdriver and push it into the center of the location of the leak by doing this, all the accumulated water comes down in bucket and prevent further water accumulation. This way, you can see from where the leak is coming. Excess water accumulation can weigh down your ceiling and cause it to collapse.

Common source of ceiling leak includes faulty pipes or cracked roof. Taking care of your ceiling leak on time can reduce the cost of repair. Another reason for getting a professional to diagnose the leak problem is because it could even be your air conditioner lines that are clogged and are contributing to an overflow of water that is causing the leakage. You could always try to fix it yourself but for a more future proof solution, it is recommended that you engage a professional that also offers a comprehensive warranty package and solution.

The steps to fix leak by yourself

Before you repair your ceiling, it important that you are aware of other things that might get in the way.

If there are any electrical wires or gas lines then you will definitely need a professional to conduct the repair works.Cut a box in a framing square with your utility saw and remove the damaged drywall from the ceiling. Measure the exact dimension of the drywall that you have cut out, and cut two pieces of ply woods;these ply woods will act as a race for your drywall.


Screw these plywood inside your ceiling, your drywall patch can be held in place with a lightweight compound available at any hardware store, adjust the drywall and screw it up and then you can put some more light weight compound so that the screws are not visible this will require few coats, allow it to dry before you paint it, but before you paint it make sure that you send it to remove the excess compound and then you can paint it and it will look like before.

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