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Here’s exactly what the packers and movers will do for you

Along with the happiness and excitement of moving to a new home, comes the tedious and wearying of packing, loading, shifting, and then unpacking. To make this task less tiresome, and speed up the process, consider hiring professional service providers who are pro at this task. And, here’s what you can expect from their services.

Nothing can beat the excitement and happiness of moving to a new space. Butwe are also aware of the pain that moving can bring. Our homes, although very beautiful and well organised, are loaded with things that need to be packed and moved individually. While some things are easy to be packed and does not have the risk of being damaged, some others are very fragile and breakable.

And how much ever you try to be careful and avoid damage; you cannot beat a professional at that. Professional packers are pro at this job, they will do it much sooner than you, and far better than you. And the result is safer, quicker, and hassle-free shifting. If you’re unsure of hiring these service providers, have a look at this list to understand the kind of services they offer, and how these can benefit you.

  1. What will they do?

Before you call the Packers home, you will have to be ready. You have to get everything you do not want in your new home, out of this one. You will have to get your dishwashers, washing machines, fridge, and other appliances emptied and ready. You will also want to pack your valuables like jewellery and other expensive belongings before they arrive.

The packers will start packing your things starting from one room; they will label it and move to the other. In a matter of few hours, they should be able to pack all your belongings, neatly and safely, with markings on them, ready to be moved to the new home.

  1. What all they pack and how they do it?

Packers do not know what things are most important to you, or close to your heart, or what things are useless. They will merely dump everything they see, in cartons or boxes. However, these professionals are trained to pack stuff with utmost care. They will mostly try to pack things from one room individually and label it. Appliances will be packed appropriately, and so will be clothes and crockery. There is nothing to worry about when you hire a professional.

  1. Packing Material

The packers will arrange bubble wrap, super adhesive tapes, newspaper, scissors, corrugated boxes, labels, and every other packing materialand they will make sure they don’t fall short of it. When you hire a professional, you can be sure of not only the quantity of the material but also the quality of it.

  1. Loading, Unloading, Transporting

Although a significant part of it, moving is not all about packing. There are other steps involved. If you are packing yourself, you will most probably hire local goods carrier autos/ tempos to move your things into the vehicle and to the new home. These movers are not aware of what’s inside the boxes, and most importantly they are not professionals. This increases the risk of damage.

On the other hand, professional movers understand that every box carries your valuable stuff, and they have years of experience of shifting. Moreover, they have labels such as “Fragile” “This Side Up”, etc. to ensure they can categorise your boxes well for safe loading and unloading without any damage.

  1. Speed up the process of shifting

Packing itself is a very tedious process. And then there comes moving and unpacking and then setting the new home. Hiring professional packers and movers will save your time, energy, effort, and will merely speed up the entire process of shifting. An added advantage, these service providers also transport your vehicles if you’re moving to a different city.

So now that you are convinced to go with a professional it’s time to hire one. However, with so many out there, it may be difficult to choose. Don’t fret; there are service providers like Housejoy that make the job easier for you by sending a trusted, vetted, and certified professional at your place.

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