Avoid Accidents During A Move

How to Avoid Accidents During A Move

Moving can be both emotionally and physically difficult for your body. The strenuous exercise of carrying heavy boxes mixed with the stress of planning and organizing might cause possible physical injuries. Hiring a moving company can be one of the best options for you to avoid any untoward incidents and make your move stress-free. Visit this site https://billremovalistssydney.com.au/ to know more about the services they can offer or do your own research online.

If you are planning to move without the help of professional movers, then follow these safety tips in moving.

  • Proper Equipment

Having the proper equipment for moving can help save you from body pains such as back strain and help in moving larger and heavier items like cabinets, tables, and stacks of chairs. Renting a dolly or cart will save you from carrying stacks of boxes and move them more effortlessly. Also, use straps to secure your boxes and items to the dolly. Other moving safety tools include gloves, furniture sliders, forearm forklift devices and a good pair of shoes for support.

These moving safety tools might be an expense,but they are vital in helping you avoid injuries. A professional and trusted removalists Hurstville from Bill Removalists Sydney can also help you avoid accidents by doing all the rigorous work for you.

·         Box Weight

Make sure to weigh your moving boxes when packing to avoid any injuries. The weight should be less than fifty pounds so that you may be able to live it without much strain. Carrying your boxes up or family member if possible. Always remember that the proper way to lift is never to bend over to pick up an item. Squat down and lift with your entire lower body.

  • Inspect the Area

It is important to inspect the area around your new home before the moving day. Plan the possible spots where the truck can park upon arrival and check if there are dangerous spots such as uneven sidewalks.  You can also mark steps in walkways, especially if they are not seen clearly, with eco-friendly chalk. People often get preoccupied during the moving process, and if unfamiliar with your new home, may not see these dangerous areas. Other hazardous areas that might be dangerous for your movers includes poles, posts, tree branches,and hanging obstacles. They should be marked with colorful ties or anything that will catch the attention of the movers.

  • Wear Proper Clothing And Footwear

Appropriate clothing and footwear can also help avoid accidents during the moving process. Do not wear loose sleeves or shirttails that might get snagged. Shoes are equally important as well especially if you will be walking on wet surfaces. Make sure to choose tough, supportive footwear, with good grip. Open-toed shoes and sandals can lead to scraped toes and other worse accidents.

  • Keep Children And Pets Safe

Keep your kids and pets as far as possible, preferably off property at a neighbor’s house, to keep them safe. You do not want to worry about your kids moving around or your pets running away from boxes, furniture,and unknown faces.

Final Word

When a person is not prepared for the rigors of a move, injuries and other accidents can occur. Make sure to share these tips with your friends and families as well to help them be safe and secure during a moving day.

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