How To Choose Roof lights- Everything In Play

How To Choose Roof lights- Everything In Play

Roof lights are incredible solution when it comes to providing light into your home and one of the best ways to improve your home. Whether you choose to install them in your converted loft or top a new extension, roof lights will provide more than 40% more natural light compared to traditional windows. There are a lot of things you must consider when choosing roof windows. Would you like to have fixed roof lights or you like those that open?

Would you like flat or pitched? Would you like your windows to blend seamlessly with the space or would you like them to stand out and add character? There are so many options in the market right now, so how exactly do you find the right kind of skylights for your property? There are so many advantages of sky lights, and this comprehensive guide will give you information about finding the right skylights.

Where should you locate your skylights?

Before you choose the right skylights, consider where you want to install them in order to get maximum light. Think about everything in place including structural issues such as electrics, beams, or pipelines. When installing roof lights, especially into your loft consider what direction you want the windows to go, and where you would like to have the most amount of light. Maybe you’re installing a skylight in your kitchen and you want to ensure that the room is flooded in the morning. In this case, installing it facing east is the best place to get the morning sunlight.

Skylight window size

The larger the skylight window, the more light you get, but you need to balance the size of the window with the overall size of the space. It is very tempting to get a huge skylight, but it might bring too much light or too much heat into the room. Think about your property style and interiors. If your house is more of a contemporary design, choose modern skylights and go with the larger areas of glazing. If by any chance you are living in a listed building or even a period property, it is wise to install conservation skylight and keep them small.

Skylight window styles

Once you decide the size of the skylights and the location where to install it, consider what style suits your property best. Fixed flat roof lights don’t open and they are a low maintenance option. These are cost effective because you do have to worry about electric mechanisms. On the other hand, opening roof lights are electronically controlled and they are ideal if installed too high for manual reach. Most of them are controlled using a wall mounted or a handheld remote control. Most of these skylights also come with a sensor to close windows automatically when rain is detected. Lantern roof lights are best for both flat and pitched roofs, while conservation roof lights are best suited for listed buildings.

The type of glazing you need

Would you like your windows to be energy efficient, noise reducing, and heat controlling? The type of glazing you need will highly depend on the location of your window. Windows facing east or north should have energy saving glazing to keep heat during winter, while west or south facing windows should be able to control temperatures to prevent the greenhouse effect.

 How much will skylights cost you?

The cost of roof windows depends on a lot of factors included the style, the size, the glazing, electronic mechanism, temperature control, noise control, as well as other properties such as the quality of glass, and the structural material. If you get something bespoke, it can be a lot more expensive.

Should you hire a professional?

When installing roof windows, some skilled DI Yers can do it but everybody else should leave it to the professionals. Skylights should be fitted once the roof construction is over, but it can also be done when a renovating.

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