The best shade candles for your patio or garden

The best shade candles for your patio or garden

Have you thought about installing shade candles in your garden? If you have a patio or a garden in your home, surely you will need a shaded area, where you can relax to have a drink, read a book or just relax.

There are many options you have to create a shaded area and shade sails, in addition to umbrellas, awnings or pergolas, are a good idea, easy to install and economical.

How to choose a shade candle for the garden?

You will find multiple models of shade candles in the market, some have standard sizes and others tailor them to fit any space, whatever the size. At the time of buying one of them, you should take into account different aspects such as size, material, durability or impermeability.

Size of the shadow candles

The first thing you should consider before buying a shade sail is the size of the area you need to cover on your terrace or garden. Determine the use you are going to give and depending on it, the size will be larger or smaller. A shaded area in a small patio is not the same as a shaded area in a large garden.

Materials of shade for garden

There are many types of fabrics in shading candles, but not all are adequate. It is important to choose a material that is adapted to outdoor use and is able to withstand rain, wind, solar radiation … You should opt for resistant materials, high durability and waterproof.

And you should not only look at the type of material, but in the way it has been made, with high quality threads.

The materials of a shadow tent that you can find are several. The most common are polyethylene or high density polyester, polyester coated with PVC, or acrylic fibers, among others.

Sometimes the fabrics are treated with ultraviolet stabilizers so that, despite the incidence of direct solar radiation, they do not spoil and their duration is longer. The same happens when fabrics are knitted with high quality yarns, which means that the fabric does not wear out despite the passage of time. This is especially important in the case of areas with frequent strong winds.

For areas near the sea, where humidity levels are high, there are fabrics with antifungal treatments that will protect the sail for longer.

Sun protection filter

An important factor to keep in mind is the percentage of blocking of the ultraviolet rays of the fabric. Generally, fabrics made with high quality yarns provide a higher sun protection factor. Some are capable of blocking up to 90% ultraviolet rays. In this way, you will be calm, especially when there are small children.

Breathable fabrics

To ensure a cool environment, in which heat does not accumulate under the candle, you must take into account that air can circulate through the fabric. Many materials give shade but create, under the awning, an oppressive space characterized by high temperatures.

The anchors

Before placing a shading candle, you should also think about what your anchors will be. You can use some trees, poles or any other element that can help you install the shade candles.

Likewise, in any place where you place it, the candle should be sufficiently tense so that, in case of rain, the water does not accumulate.

In summary, shade candles are an excellent option to cover different spaces such as an outdoor dining area, a children’s play area or a hammock space next to the pool.

They are ideal in any space, be it the garden of a chalet, the patio of a bass or the terrace of an attic. They are very easy to assemble, and they are not fixed structures, which allows you to change their location, as long as you want.

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