Tips for Installing a Fence to Protect Your Children

Tips for Installing a Fence to Protect Your Children

During a child’s early years, it is important to set up garden boundaries to protect your children when they play outside. The most effective way of doing this is to install a border around your garden using a fence to ensure your kids are safe when playing outdoors. Although never a substitute for your attentiveness, fences offer an added level of security.

Fence Height

You’ll need to purchase a fence which is at least 4 to 5-foot-high to ensure your child can’t climb over and injure themselves. When buying fencing you should always look for a product which has a smooth design free from any footholds, posts or other features which stick out creating hazards for your children. You should purchase a fence which doesn’t include any area where a kid can climb onto and potentially injure themselves.

Types of Fencing

Apart from choosing a reasonably high fence, it is vital that you get a product which isn’t entirely closed in, meaning you can see out through gaps in the fence and the structure doesn’t completely block visibility. In areas such as pool fencing you could choose solid, pressure treated stakes which are surrounded by a mesh covering. A mesh covering allows you great visibility, so if by some freak occurrence a child managed to get over the mesh you could see them from your property and save them from danger. If you choose to erect solid boards you’d have no idea if something has happened until it is too late.

A trellis fence is also another great option to keep kids protected from garden features such as ponds and water structures, a trellis fence is a largestructure which is bound together using wooden strips that aren’t tightly packed so it contains large gaps in the design. This gap improves visibility and allow parents to see through the structure. If you plan on erecting a child friendly fence in your garden, search for fencing suppliers around Oxford, Newbury or Whitney to ensure you purchase high-quality, affordable materials.

Installation Process

Before setting up any type of fence, you need to ensure you lay a solid foundation, in the case of a child friendly fence, you’ll need several stakes to help keep the fence properly supported. The most important part of installing a fence to protect your kids is making sure the structure never fails or falls. Consider purchasing pressure treated stakes from a fencing supplier which acts as the perfect foundation for your design.

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